wandaNEXTTM Smart Cleaning System

Put your best foot forward when it comes to store cleaning. With the wandaNEXTTM smart cleaning system, you can track cleaning activity, monitor consumable use and most importantly, address messes before they become customer complaints.

Revolutionize cleaning in your store with wandaNEXTTM. Simply input cleaning protocols for each area, set traffic thresholds and let the system send alerts when an area needs attention. Give your customers the opportunity to send real-time feedback so they see how much you care. From washrooms to store aisles (and everywhere in between), maximize your customers’ in-store experience every time they shop.

Smart cleaning systems – wandaNEXT cleaning management – Bunzl Grocery

Smart Washrooms: An Intelligent Solution

Dirty washrooms lead to lost business. In fact, 50% of shoppers say they wouldn’t return to a grocery store if they encountered a dirty washroom. Your customers look to you for high-quality products and an exceptional in-store experience. The last thing you want is for someone to find a mess that hasn’t been cleaned, or worse – a dirty washroom.

Messes are inevitable, but the way they’re handled is up to you. Replace antiquated, paper-based washroom cleaning records and give your customers a great experience they won’t forget with the wandaNEXTTM system.

wandaNEXTTM uses an industrial grade, antimicrobial tablet that allows washroom patrons to notify maintenance staff when a particular area needs attention. That way, messes can be taken care of as soon as they happen, supply levels stay filled and your customers will be impressed by your commitment to cleanliness and hygiene.

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The wandaNEXTTM System

Smart cleaning – wandaNEXT digital program management – Bunzl Grocery

You can’t be everywhere at once. wandaNEXTTM makes it easy for store managers to set cleaning programs, track activities and verify when cleaning’s been done. Available on desktop and any mobile device, the system provides real-time data and robust analytics so you can:

  • Verify cleaning activities are completed as scheduled
  • Identify missed cleanings
  • Monitor traffic volume in key areas to optimize scheduling and resource allocation
  • Immediately uncover and manage training issues
  • Easily prepare detailed reporting without having to sift through paper cleaning logs
  • Validate adherence to cleaning protocols

wandaNEXTTM eliminates the guesswork so you can be sure your business is clean, healthy and safe. Talk to us today about booking your free demo!

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