ByoPlanet® Electrostatic Disinfecting

This proven performer can kill colds, flu, COVID-19, norovirus, C. difficile, E. coli and more – 4x faster and with 65% less disinfectant!

Prevent flu, COVID-19, norovirus, C. difficile and other outbreaks in your stores using the revolutionary ByoPlanet® electrostatic disinfecting system. Using an innovative electrostatic applicator paired with a range of trusted cleaning solutions, it provides 360-degree coverage of surfaces so you can disinfect even the hardest-to-reach places. Choose from ByoPlanet® disinfectant for general use in acute care and long-term care settings. Watch the video to see it in action!

ByoPlanet® delivers disinfectant and sanitizer to the front, back and sides of surfaces, disinfecting even the hardest-to-reach places – with no re-entry time. Bystanders may enter the room immediately after spraying is complete.1

Get next level disinfecting in YOUR facility now!

ByoPlanet® Sprayer for any Application

Jet H2 Ultra

The Jet H2 Ultra is the first self-contained handheld sprayer to achieve atomization quality and electrostatic charging levels comparable to the best plug-in-the-wall electrostatic sprayers, for optimized disinfectant spray coverage.

ByoPack™ Electrostatic Sprayer System

The ByoPack™ is lightweight, highly mobile, and incredibly effective for electrostatic delivery in hard-to-reach areas using Induction Charged Technology™

MS-700™ Electrostatic Sprayer System

The MS-700 Electrostatic Sprayer is durable, convenient, and incredibly effective for electrostatic delivery in hard-to-reach areas using Induction Charged Technology™.

Game-Changing Protection

ByoPlanet® Electrostatic Sprayer System delivers more uniform, wraparound coverage to the targeted surfaces than any electrostatic sprayer on the market today.2 Superior surface coverage eliminates pathogens and prevents their spread.

Want to see the ByoPlanet® Electrostatic Sprayer System in action? See how the fitness facilities are utilizing the technology to ensure the health and well-being of their customers.

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  1. Occupational exposure monitoring conducted and compared to EPA-published unit exposure values. Levels of products measured in the air during this test were found to be below acceptable limits.
  2. Compared with a trigger sprayer.
  3. Results were determined in a single spray study conducted on metal trash cans. Testing protocol established by using average of manufacturer suggested spray distances.


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